ALMOST A CENTURY HAS PASSED since Dante Scapigliati opened his confectioner’s laboratory in Florence, putting to good use the biscuit and confectionery-making art he learned during the years spent at the premier biscuit factory Digerini e Marinai. The firm where he also met his wife Rina who immediately flanked him in his venture. They were indeed times of total, or rather, absolute quality: the materials used had to be the best, workmanship had to be carried out with care and “art”. Dante, with his little laboratory, wasted no time in supplying all the most important shops in the centre of Florence.

THE GREAT TURNING POINT came when his son Giorgio, compelled to reckon with modern consumer society, succeeded in maintaining product quality, on the one hand, while respecting the need for greater production on the other. All thanks to the creation of machinery which faithfully reproduced the “hand-made” way of making biscuits. In the early ‘seventies Scapigliati became a leading name in the production of Cantuccini for the wholesale trade and for the very first supermarkets.

THE THIRD GENERATION entered the firm in the ‘nineties. Roberto and Daniele continue the adventure fired by absolute and total passion. Every day they are committed to keeping alive that message which arrives from afar, combining tradition with innovation.